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Understanding how to ensure an effective maintenance against COVID-19

Here is some information about the different types of maintenance services offered to fight COVID-19.




Sanitizing reduces the presence of the virus, thereby reducing the risk of infection. It does not, however, kill all viruses.

Definition: Reduction of viruses and bacteria to safe levels (established by public health standards).

Cleaning eliminates the virus.

Definition: Removal of visible dirt, debris, microorganisms and organic substances from surfaces.

Disinfection kills the virus.

Definition: Elimination of pathogens and pathogenic microorganisms, with the exception of bacterial spores.


Additional sanitary measures

Decontamination kills or eliminates the virus.

Definition: Neutralization or elimination of dangerous substances, viruses, bacteria, germs, etc.

Our employees follow a very strict disinfection protocol for commercial and residential cleaning. At all times, our employees wear masks, follow hand-washing protocols and practise social distancing. Furthermore, additional measures have been implemented to maximize everyone’s safety.

We also encourage customers to make their payments online, when possible. Our goal is to avoid unnecessary direct contacts.